Our Mission

A community-wide system of support for Tacoma Public Schools youth as they move from high school, through postsecondary, and into their career.

Disrupting cycles of generational poverty.

The Tacoma Completes initiative and framework is focused on increasing postsecondary completion rates for Tacoma Public Schools graduates by working on systems-level changes with community partners.


An extension of the cradle-to-career work of Graduate Tacoma, Tacoma Completes provides facilitation, convening, and data to address long-standing barriers -institutional and cultural- to improve postsecondary completion rates for the most marginalized students in our community.


This framework seeks to demonstrably improve economic mobility by creating a fully integrated postsecondary landscape through the extension of Graduate Tacoma’s existing collaborative impact work into adjacent sectors (e.g. housing, healthcare, workforce, government, etc.).